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The Tomb of Seth
  5 Secrets

Lara is now in Egpyt with a guide searching The Tomb of Seth. (Most likely, it should really be "Set" and not "Seth". However, it's not very important, but it could clear some confusion a little later.) Some pistols and binoculars have been added to the inventory. There's some flares to the left of and behind Lara. There's a lot of dark corners down here so these will come in handy. If you'd like to save them though, you can press action while using the binoculars to get a lighted view. Once you have the flares, go toward the guide. There's a small impression in the ground where you can pick up a shotgun with 6 normal shells. Continue through the cave and there will be a deeper impression in the ground. Don't pick up the medi pack just yet--there's a large scorpion in there too. Kill it and the large medi pack is yours. Further down is another impression containing only a scorpion which can be bypassed by staying away from it.

Going deeper into the cave, you may notice another deep impression. Make sure you have a weapon drawn. The view will change to another part of the cave and will work its way up to Lara. When you have control of Lara again, shoot! There's a jackal running toward you. Once it's dead, turn to the right. Notice the opening over there? Jump over the gap. Then jump up and grab onto the tall ledge. Screenshot. Pull yourself up into the secret area and pick up your prize--a small medi pack. Drop down and head down the path and up the ramp. Pick up the large medi pack. Drop down to the floor. Before heading into the hallway, check out the dark area to the right of it. There's a small medi pack back there. Now it's time to go through the hallway.

When you step into the room at the end of the hall, a door behind you will close. There's two scorpions in here. Track them down (they're probably already after you anyway) and kill them. Before doing anything else here, look around until you find an open doorway. Follow the path and you'll end up in a room with a deep sand pit. Drop down into it and pick up a small medi pack. You should also notice a secret alcove down there. Screenshot. In it is normal shotgun ammo. Perform a roll once inside the alcove and kill two scorpions who decide to come after you. Now the ammo is all yours. Exit and make your way back to where you left the guide.

There are some flares hidden in two of the dark corners. You can only reach into two of the holes in the walls. This get you a large medi pack and will also trigger the sand pit to be filled. Go back to the room with the sand pit to find that you can now go across it. There are two pedestals--one with a small medi pack and another with an eye piece. Picking up the eye piece will trigger the door in the room above to open. There's nothing else to do here, so head back to the other room. Once there, go through the newly opened doorway.

Before following the guide, notice the symbol on the right wall. Then climb up on the block in the center of the room. There's a rope hanging above the block, it's tricky to get lined up just right, but it'll catch on. Now, swing five times before jumping over to the other side. It is highly recommended that you save the game at this point. You're now in a secret area. There's a rolling spike trap that rotates around the room. Look up and watch for it to pass overhead. Once it has, climb up the left side of the left wall. Run straight up to a flat spot then duck. Turn yourself around so you are facing the other side. Watch for the spikes to make their way around again. Screenshot. Once they've passed you, run and jump straight across to the other side. When Lara won't run further, jump forward and she'll land on flat ground. She's well protected here, so no need to duck. Stay here and watch for the spikes to go overhead again, then pull yourself up to the next level and grab a small medi pack. Once you have it, quickly slide down the slope and down onto the bottom level and return to the previous room. Not really worth the trouble, but it's good experience.

Go down the stairs and into the room where the guide is. He is deactivating a trap, so wait. Some blades will fold up from the ground and up the the walls. The trap is deactivated. Now you can go get another eye piece from the pedestal. Combine the two eye pieces to form the Eye of Horus. Exit out of this room and head toward the wall that has the Eye of Horus imprinted on it. Place the Eye of Horus on it and the wall will open up.

As you enter the next room, two jackals will attack. Kill them (your guide may also help) and go up the ramp. You should now be in a room with a large buried head. To the right of the stairs is some uzi ammo, a small medi pack to the left. Continue across the stairs on the left side and go through the doorway. The guide is in here and will set the oil on fire with his torch. This opens up the door on the other side. Go through it and follow the path until it splits. Take the right side--the one that has a blue tinge to it. There is a small medi pack in the depression. Climb out and continue into the next room.

On the left, you should be able to see the guide stuck behind a gate. There is an opening on the right, so go that way. Follow the path and you'll end up in a room with a patterned floor and a chain just inside the entry. Pull on the chain to release the guide. He sets the pool of oil in the room below on fire. Some lights are now shining up through the floor. Time for a puzzle. Notice that on the wall across from your are some torches. They will light up as you perform the correct sequence. If the flames on the wall go out, leave the room and follow the path which will now lead you to a room with another chain and a shotgun. Pull the chain and return to the puzzle room to try again. Step on the lighted square that is directly behind the chain. Then turn and jump onto the one that is on a diagonal with it. YOU MUST JUMP DIRECTLY ON THE CORRECT LIGHTED TILE. Jump straight across to the next lighted tile. Turn left and jump to the next, and finally to the last one. The grate will now open up and you can take The Timeless Sands. Another grate will open up.

Go through this next little room and you'll end up on the lower level of the room with the big buried head. Your guide will to the left. Before following him, notice a dark spot to the right of where he went. Go back there. There's a grate in the side of the head with some items in it. Continue forward to the back wall. There is a ladder here. Climb up and pull the lever at the top. The grate is now open and you're free to go down take some secret items: a box of normal shotgun ammo and a box of wideshot shotgun ammo.

Also, while at the top of the ladder with the lever, you can climb on top of the Sphinx head. From here, you can jump to the left onto the center part of the head. Walk across the top and then jump to another ledge. This is a secret area containing a box of regular shotgun ammo and, hidden in the darkness, a large medi pack.

Now backtrack and meet up with the guide. He opens the door ahead but is scared and runs away. Go through the doorway--there are three scorpions in there so you might want to use the 'look' key to make sure you don't walk into a blind attack. Kill them and drop down to the room below.

On the platform in the center of the room is a box of normal shotgun ammo and a small medi pack. Now, pull up into the alcove with the statue. Place The Timeless Sands on the statue. The sand from the room above drains down into this room, bringing a scorpion with it. Mostly likely it will in the lower right corner so you can kill it without leaving the safety of the alcove. That's all you can do down here so jump down and climb out on the opposite side.

Head into the Sphinx room. The head is now exposed and you can jump up and climb into its mouth. It's a small space, so you'll need to use the 'crawl' key. Follow the path into the burial chambers.