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Burial Chambers
  5 Secrets

While you're sliding down the slope, you may notice an opening in the ceiling--it's the first secret for this level. Jump up and press the action key to grab onto the ledge above and pull yourself up. Inside the alcove is a large medi pack. Drop down and slide down the rest of the slope.

There's nothing to do in this room except to pull the lever. This will raise the grate and you can slide into the next room. Notice the timer on the wall? When the two pieces join together, a spike trap will be triggered. Pick up the item on the ground quickly. Once you have the Hand of Orion, jump through the opening on the left. Pick up the second secret, a box of normal shotgun shells and the grate will open. Continue forward into the hall.

Before entering the part of the hall that's past the statues, notice the star-shaped pattern on the floor and walls. This is another spike trap that will activate when you come near it. Walk up close to the spikes and as soon as they retract, run across the path.

In this next part of the hall, you can shoot the jars in the alcoves. In the left one is a small medi pack. Continue forward and stop short of the next spike trap. When the spikes are down, run forward and you will slide down a slope. Drop down the the floor below and pick up a small medi pack. Then climb back into the opening you just came from.

Place the hand in the insert on the left wall and the spikes in the next room will retract... and those long blades will start spinning.

Jump forward onto the platform just as one of the blades passes by. If you jump to the left, there's a shotgun you can pick up--not important if you've already picked it up. Now, there's some ammo on the other side. If you went for the shotgun, drop down and return to the opening in the wall. Walk to the edge and take a hop back. Just as the edge of one of the blades passes by the right side of the opening, take a running jump forward. You should be right on a box of normal shotgun ammo. Pick it up. If you'd like, you can continue following the path until you reach the opening on the other side of the room. Otherwise, drop down to the ground again and return to the opening in the wall.

As before, walk to the edge of the opening and take a hop back. When one of the blades is right in front of the opening, do a regular forward jump and grab onto the ledge. Shimmy around the corners and sides of the block until you get to a narrow end. Once a blade passes over, pull onto the block and immediately perform a backward jump. You should now be in another alcove.

Turn around and follow the path into a room. A cut scene will show you a close up of the sarcophagus that's in the center of the room. Before approaching it, turn toward corner that's to the left of the door you entered through. There's a small medipack there. Diagonally across the room in another corner is a box of normal shotgun shells. Find the entrance to the next room and head there.

There's a small medi pack on the left side of the room. You can also drop down into the far left corner into a secret area. Down here is a small medipack and a box of normal shotgun shells. Return to the sarcophagus room.

Walk up the steps that are in front of the sarcophagus and Lara will pick up the ankh on its chest. You now have the Amulet of Horus in your possession. You can now move the statue in the next room.

Back in the room with the large statue, notice a tile that has a red circle on it. As you approach the statue, the coffins on the walls open. Two have mummies in them, but leave them alone for now. Push the statue onto the red circle to open a door behind the mummy on the right. Walk toward the mummy until it starts to move. Get away from it--you can't kill the mummies. When there's enough space between the mummy and the opening into the next room, run through the opening and over the edge on the floor.

Draw your weapon(s) and run to the end of the cave area, then into a large cavern. As you approach the center of the cavern, two Egyptian statue-dogs will attack. Kill them.

At the end of the left wall are some rough stairs. Start up them. Along the way, you should notice a gap between the stairs and the wall. Drop down and you'll hear the chime letting you know you've found a secret. Look around and you'll find a large medipack. Climb out and continue up the stairs. Watch the left side of the path. There's an opening that leads up to another set of stairs. It's right before you head up into lighted room with two statues and a ladder--you've gone too far if you're here, head backward and watch the right side. When you find it, follow the stairs then cross the bridge.

As you enter the room, you may notice some black statue dogs, hence the name "Egyptian Statue-Dogs." They'll attack when you get too close. If you're familiar with other games like Quake, Tribes, etc., you may be able to estimate how to aim, jump, and when to shoot, allowing you to kill the dogs from a safe distance before they can attack. Otherwise, run straight forward until they get up. Then, start performing backward jumps while shooting and you can kill them without letting them get too close. Once they're dead walk up the stairs and drop down into the hole.

As you walk to the edge of the short hallway, you'll see a large room beyond. Turn to the left and jump onto the block over there. Once there, line yourself up and jump into the alcove to get the last secret for this level, a box of normal shotgun ammo. Slide down the wall to the bottom floor. Take a look down the grate that's in the floor and notice something in there that resembles The Hand of Orion that you had earlier. Run past (through) the spikes--they won't hurt you as long as you stay away from the base of the spikes. Climb onto a short block on the left side of the room. Climb up the block next to that. Walk to the edge of the block and turn to face the east wall. There's a block above this one that has a ladder. Line yourself up, jump straight up, and climb the ladder. Now, climb into the alcove and pull the lever. The grate at the other end of the hall opens, so that's where you'll want to be.

Climb the ladder that's at the end of the newly opened passage. There are two levers in this room, one in front of you and one on a side wall. Pull the one on the floor. This releases a set of spikes that are protecting a treasure and as you'll soon find out, rotates the room. Exit the room by jumping through the hole in the wall.

Slide down the wall to get to the floor. The grate that was preventing you from getting the star-shaped treasure is now out of the way. Drop down into the hole and pick up The Hand of Sirius. Go through the opening to exit the room and follow the hallway. Along the way, you may hear a noise that sounds like something just opened. At the end of the hall, climb up the ladder.

When you're in the large room, climb up the block that is directly in front of you. Then jump across and grab onto the next block--it's a bit higher--and pull yourself onto it. Run around the short ledge, still no need to worry about those spikes--just don't jump towards them. Now, jump into the small opening in the side of the wall below you. You need to drop down to the floor below. Jump to the opposide side of the hole and grab onto the ladder (the upper wall may work also) and climb down. Quick tip: to get down ladders and poles quickly, let go of the action button and press it again after a short distance, repeating until you're at the bottom.

There's a chain in the center of the room that you'll need to pull. First, notice the two mummies laying on the floor. They'll wake up when you pull the chain. Stand behind the chain keeping one mummy visible on the left side of the screen and the other on the right side of the screen. Ok, it's time to pull the chain. Once you have control of Lara, run across the mummy that was in front of the grate, which is now open. It shouldn't hurt you while it's still on the ground, so hurry. Jump up and grab onto the ladder and climb to the top. You're back in the large main room, which is now back in its original position.

You can now climb up the blocks as you did the first time you entered this room. Place The Hand of Sirius in the insert on the wall. This will trigger a rope to fall down. Walk to the corner of the platform and jump over to the rope. Line yourself up with the alcove and swing over to it--you shouldn't need any more than two swings. Pick up the Scarab Talisman, draw your weapon(s) and make your way to the opening behind the plinth.

There's a couple of those statue-dogs on the other side of the corner. Kill them and continue down the hall. Don't holster your weapons just yet, when you get to a small room another one is waiting for you and will attack just as you get to the next opening. Kill it and continue. You'll exit out of an alcove above the rough staircase.

Go up the stairs until you come to two large statues. Once there, climb up the ladder. At the top of the ladder are two large jars, shoot them to get a small medipack and a box of normal shotgun shells. Climb into one of the alcoves, taking notice of the mummies laying on the floor. When you pick up The Golden Serpent, a grate in the opposite wall will open and the mummies will wake up. Run past the waking mummies and jump or pull yourself into the alcove. Get ready to slide down the ramp.

When you reach the bottom of the slide, turn to the left and sprint to the left corner. There are spikes lowering from the ceiling. If you got through that safely, jump out and follow the tunnel until you get to a large hole. Look around the outside of it and you should find a large medipack. Pick it up and drop down into the hole--no need to worry about that torch. Once again, you're back at the rough staircase. Make your way down to the main level and enter the doorway that's near the base of the stairs.

Enter the hallway and climb over a block. At this point, you may begin hearing a dog whining--there is no threat unless you leave the room, in which case a dog will be waiting for you. Beyond this block is a sandy room with a mummy, yes another one laying on the ground. On the back wall are two places where you can insert The Golden Serpent and the Scarab Talisman. When both of these are in place, the mummy will wake up and the room will start to fill with more sand. You'll want to be in the corner where you placed the Scarab Talisman, as that is the only place you'll be able to get out in a little bit. While you're waiting, you'll need to avoid the mummy, so just run around until you can see a ledge in the northwest corner. Then jump up and pull yourself out, leaving the mummy pretty ticked. Say goodbye and head toward the light to exit the level.