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    Established 7 January 2000

  COMMERCIAL .:. 2001 February 02
A commercial for the Tomb Raider movie was shown on January 28 during the season premier of Survivor.
  TOMB RAIDER MONTH .:. 05 November 2000
A special Tomb Raider #1/2, the rarest Tomb Raider comic (ever!), is available at It features a red-foil logo and is signed by Dan Jurgens and Michael Lopez. Only 600 have been produced. If you want one, now is the time to order.

There are less than 300 Toyfare Exclusive "Lara Croft in Bomber Jacket" figures left which you can also order from These were limited to 10,000.

Tomb Raider #9 has shipped and is in stores now. There are two covers being sent in the same ratio.

Later this month, the fifth Tomb Raider should be released. Visit the Eidos Interactive for the trailer and get a sneak peek at what you'll see when the game comes out. There is no word so far as to whether there will be any spiffs for pre-ordering TR Chronicles like there was with the previous releases. Eidos and Babbages/Software, Etc./Gamestop are taking orders now.