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Premier Edition
    Includes two quest decks, Into the Caves and Trapped in the Tombs, and a booster box.
Slippery When Wet
    Includes two quest decks, Neptune's Fury and Pacific Peril, and a booster box.
Big Guns
    Boosters only.

To Be Released:
    This series will have a spy theme. Two quest decks, one centered in London and another in
    Venice, will be included. Area 51 Locations will be included in the booster packs.
    *Slated release: July 2000.
    Booster box only. This edition will focus on extreme locations and weather. Locations may
    include the arctic, volcanoes, and/or deserts. *Slated release: November 2000.

* Since the release of Slippery When Wet, all releases have been late. The slated release
  dates are old predictions and are no longer reliable.